Tanmayee Narendra

PhD Student in computational biology

Hello! I’m Tanmayee Narendra
This is me.
, a PhD Candidate in Gabriele Schweikert’s group. I used to be at the University of Tübingen (Germany), now I’m at the University of Dundee (UK).

I am mainly interested in using computational methods to understand the interplay of epigenomics and gene regulation. Recently, I developed DecoDen to do peak calling for multi-assay ChiP-Seq.

Before starting my PhD, I worked for two years as a Research Software Engineer at IBM Research, India. Previously, I have been a Visiting Student in Sandy Pentland’s group at MIT Media Lab. I have also worked with Fields of View and Medialab Amsterdam in developing a serious gameHere is a short video of the game, if you are interested. on solid waste management in Bangalore.

In 2019, I co-founded Women In STEM Research (WISR), India. At WISR our vision is to break barriers to STEM research for Indian women and gender minorities through communityYou’re welcome to join our Slack community here. and collaboration.

You can contact me by email at X@Y where X=tnarendra001 and Y=dundee.ac.uk, or find me on LinkedIn.

Tanmayee Narendra - Tanmayee Narendra