Tanmayee Narendra

PhD Student at University of Tübingen

Hello! I’m Tanmayee Narendra
This is me.
, a PhD Candidate at University of Tübingen. I am working on causal inference from time course data to explore mechanisms of epigenetic gene regulation.

Before this, I worked for two years as a Research Software Engineer at IBM Research, India. During my time at IRL, I worked extensively in the domain of business process management, with natural language processing and machine learning. My Masters thesis was on using causality methods in aircraft engine simulation. Previously, I have been a Visiting Student in MIT Media Lab under the supervision of Sandy Pentland. I have also worked with Fields of View and Medialab Amsterdam in developing a serious gameHere is a small video of the game, if you are interested. on solid waste management in Bangalore.

In my free time, I enjoy singing. I have some covers on YouTube and recordings on Smule. I’m also a nature lover and I love trekking. My last major trek was Buran Ghati, a high altitude pass in Himachal Pradesh.


You can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Github and Google Scholar.

Tanmayee Narendra - Tanmayee Narendra